Meet Xavia Fox

Picture Of Xavia FoxXavia Fox produces & hosts shows and events!

Xavia is prepared to do BIG things. Her engaging personality entices her audiences into conversations.The initial run of her internet show, “Xavia Fox Talks” ran from 2011-2014 and can be seen on her YouTube channel “XFoxOnTheBox” along with her current virtual talk show, The “Xavia Fox” Talk!

Starting out as a BlogTalk show host, her 2 year run of “What’s going on with Xavia Fox” welcomed some of the most intriguing guests & conversations.  A couple of the favorites were, Leidra Lawson, author of Sugar Baby 101 & Alexyss K. Tylor of Penis Power! Many conversations were had that highlighted the viewpoints of her varied guests on Dating & Relationships.

Xavia has been interviewed by radio & podcast show hosts in the US and Germany. Some of her favorite interviews include, WVON/IHeart Radio “Talk of the Town” w/Art “Chat Daddy” Sims, Intellectual Radio “He Said/She Said” w/Wanda B and the AC Green show!

Housed under her company, “Xavia Fox Media & Events” and currently in production is The “Xavia Fox” Talk, which is a virtual reality talk show that addresses relationships, health & fitness as well as business & investing. Also coming soon, you can catch her hosting her new internet radio talk show…be sure an call in! A return to in person tapings with a studio audience is also in the plans. Updated info will be posted as those projects develop! Stay Tuned!

Xavia is a published author. Her book “The Men In My Life & What I’ve Learned” is available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon. The book is an autobiographical story detailing the significant experiences with men in her life, that helped shape her and taught valuable lessons. It starts with her father as a child, and unfolds interesting and vividly told stories that take place through 2014. You can also purchase a paperback autographed copy here on the website.

Xavia is also a certified life coach and values emotional health.


The Mission of Xavia Fox Media & Events is to add to society as a whole, and individuals uniquely, in a positive & progressive way. Our vision, goal and plan is to provide quality events and shows, that not only entertain & educate but also encourage positive health mentally, physically, emotionally and financially for all.


Xavia, is one of the most business savvy, charismatic, and influential thought leaders on relationship building I have had the pleasure to know. I have known her for close to five years.

During times when I have mentored others, specifically young professionals, I have had them listen to her internet talk shows, read her life-style blog pieces, and review her wisdom quotes, to introduce them to how to raise their business game and put their performance strengths to work. If you are in need of an Executive or Life Coach, review her portfolio of services and give her a call!

She is the real deal!

Dennis Haynes, HR Business Professional & Mentor

Candid, Controversial & Real Conversation is what I appreciate most about Xavia Fox & her show “Xavia Fox Talks” along with the education provided via exploring various perspectives without judgment. I’m entertained by the creative topics week to week & diverse conversations. While looking forward to the next question proposed as it will be anything but typical…Thank God, Great Job & Keep Conquering!!!

Coach Da-Nay Macklin, Glenwood, IL

A few years ago a friend invited me to a local taping regarding relationships. I attended and was loving the fact that Xavia Fox was able to bridge the gap and get both men and women talking about issues that have many struggling to get or maintain healthy meaningful relationships. I learned a lot during that taping, loved the diversity on the panel, and laughed uncontrollably at times. From that day on I decided that Xavia was someone I wanted to know. I started following her on Facebook and introduced myself. She has a Morning Stat Chat that always has me enlightened and sometimes enraged, but always keeps me thinking. I was invited to be on the Season 2 panel and was thrilled. This was a very intriguing experience for me because I met some amazing people, was able to give my opinion about issues that concerned me, and learned a great deal about the opposite sex. I’m a single woman who struggles to meet, mingle, and date. Having Xavia’s morning chats, listening to her radio shows, and watching her talk shows, helps to locate problematic areas for me regarding dating. I will never forget a piece of advice she gave me that has helped me change the way I look at things: I once expressed how I wasn’t “attracted” to an amazing guy. Xavia’s response was: Well you were “attracted” to all of your ex’s, and look where that got you. One Word: EPIC!!!

Talisia Ross, Chicago, IL

Xavia is a great person that loves to help people. I have the honor of saying that she has helped me with personal issues regarding my personal life and always supported the choices I made to better myself. I have had a lot of trials in terms of my marriage and she has shed light to me in many ways. Xavia is the woman to go to when you want the cold hard truth. Xavia has not only helped me but she has also helped my sister in relationship issues as well. I have viewed her show on YouTube and various different projects that she has been involved in and it’s a blessing to see that she not only helps people like myself and my sister but others as well. I have tuned into her radio station with various topics and she has been helpful to others and myself as well. Xavia Fox is a blessing with a good heart and a strong woman with so much intelligence. She isn’t like most people in the radio and talk show industry where they honestly get too busy and don’t care. Xavia goes above and beyond and follows up with people like myself at a later time to make sure things are going OK. I thank God for her and she is nothing but a blessing. Xavia Fox deserves all recognition for the hard work, loyalty, concern and compassion for others. I can honestly say she is better then Dr. Phil, Oprah and any other talk show host because she cares from the heart and wants to see people grow and prosper.

Maria Cosentino, Northbrook, IL

Xavia Fox Is a fantastic host and an awesome woman. Her dynamic personality and boundless energy keep her shows exciting. I love working with Ms. Fox. She is the BOMB!”

Ria Harris, Chicago, IL

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in her Morning “Stat chat” discussions on Facebook. This discussion  encourages male and female opinions/comments and also her (Xavia Fox) views. Ms Xavia Fox showed me that women are equal to men in everyday life struggles, views, strength and stability (might be more). Her views are of our daily life encounters, situations, family struggles, jobs, relationships, marriages, parenting, etc.. My level of thinking grew during my participation in the “Stat Chats”. The participants level of intelligence exceeds the stereotypical view, and we can voice our opinion w/o contention. I applaud her for being an intellectual person, a leader and the best Talk/Radio show host I’ve ever seen! I will always be a fan and participant of the morning “Stat Chat” and a follower to a great leader.

Eldridge Garland-Hanchell-DJ/E-XTREME Watersports Owner-1649-441-5512, Turks & Caico’s Islands

How do I begin to address the impact that Ms.Fox has on the “BLACK CHICAGO relationship society?” Xavia has taken her genuine love for people, dedication of ensuring better relationships and relentless organization skills in developing forums to give men and women of color a chance to voice their opinions/frustrations/interventions on the subject of relationships. I was honorably chosen last year (2012) to sit on a male panel, created by Xavia to address issues that plague our relationships and I end up learning more (positive and negative) about our thought processes when it comes to relationships and then when I felt the need to have a part 2 to those conversations, well Xavia was right there in her support to have us talk about solutions! Xavia, I tip my hat to you sister and cheer you on in your future endeavors!  Keep moving mountains, you wonderful woman!

Khalid Scott, MSW, CADC, MISA I, LCWS, Lansing, IL.

I was in Bar Louie in Hyde Parking having a conversation with a friend about love, relationships and men. Being that I had been single and just met an awesome guy I had a lot to talk about. I was excited, I was scared, I was optimistic and most of all I hoped that he was not full of you know what. We went on to talk about what we thought were the 5 most important things that men looked for when selecting a mate. I was assured by a friend that a woman’s body was on the list and she assured me that at our age, only 38 at the time, this did not matter to men. Another woman overheard our conversation and suggested that I look Xavia up on Facebook. She went on to explain who Xavia was and how the things that we discussed are the sort of issues that Xavia tackles on a heartfelt and in depth level. I did so and sent the same question. Boy did I get an answer. The men answered honestly and openly. Indeed a woman’s body even at my age, only 38 at the time, did matter. Since then, I have been hooked. Xavia’s topics are intriguing and entertaining. The emotion that the responses spark in me run the gamut from anger, to joy, to WTH and “I thought so”. She is passionate about what she does. She works hard and it shows. I have attended two of her live tapings and they were awesome. I take so much knowledge away and really, really think about the topics. I have gotten more than my share of insight into the male psyche thanks to her show. For that I say THANK YOU cause knowledge is power. I feel powerful !!!!!

Joyce Griffin, Chicago, IL

I learned of Xavia from my friend. I have attended the F2F for seasons 1 and 2, watch the  YouTube shows, and of course read the Morning Stat Chat on FB. One of the things that I appreciate is her determination to create her own thing. In listening and reading the comments and opinions of others sometimes I’m optimistic about the future for Black couples and other times I’m a bit dismayed. Most all times I’m entertained. There are times in the comment threads where an opposing opinion is made that isn’t the status quo answer when I think myself and others have a light bulb moment. One thing that has been made clear for me is some of the reasons there is a divide between the sexes, people don’t pay attention, show respect, and follow through. Most of all I do enjoy that someone is getting the necessary conversations started!

Cynthia Holden, Chicago, IL