Media and Booking


  • Host/Emcee
  • Discussion Leader
  • Appearance
  • Panel Member

100.00/hr + Travel, Lodging & Transportation (if applicable)


Interview – Travel, Lodging, Transportation & Stipend


  • Interview
    • Call In – 1st hour Free, 50.00/hr after 1 hour
    • In Studio – Travel, Lodging & Transportation (1st hour Free) 50.00/hr after 1 hour
  • Guest Host/Co-Host – 250 per show + Travel, Lodging & Transportation (if applicable)
  • Host/Co-Host – Salary Negotiable based on length of contract.


Depends on deadline date and whether I’m being interviewed for the article or requested to write the article. Prices start at 100/hr for interviews. 250.00 for written articles 30 days out.


Xavia currently offers 2 workshops, a Life Planning workshop to help people get focused in the direction they need to go to achieve the vision they have for their lives. This workshop is good for HS Jr. & Sr.’s, College students, Reentry programs, Juvenile Detention centers, Divorcee groups, Widow groups, unwed mothers, and anyone who is starting out or starting over. She also presents a Heartbreak & Healing workshop to assist people with the emotionally challenging journey to growing past heartbreak…not putting up walls.

You can contact Xavia directly @ or on Facebook