Spa Events & VIP Get Aways



Do you know the importance of Self Care?

Relief from mental, physical and emotional stress is THE most important thing you can do to maintain your health and add to your quality of life. Your health is your absolute #1 most valuable asset. Without your health, nothing else matters!!

*Currently offered in Chicago

For yourself: Join me for VIP events hosted Monthly!! We cruise 1st class through the city of Chicago in a stretch SUV. We begin at Brunch, then head to the spa, and then to dinner! It’s a relaxing, stress free day. Cost includes transportation, brunch, and general spa access. Cost of dinner is on your own as is any personal services you choose to receive at the spa.

For your employee’s: Boost employee moral, productivity and provide team bonding! Employee’s who believe their employer cares about their well being are more productive and happy! Let your employee’s relax and be chauffeured through a relaxing view of Chicago on their way to a delicious brunch, followed by 3 hours at the spa, then on to dinner and back!

For your clients: Send your clients and their team on a relaxing reward for signing on, continuing or upgrading!

For your group

  • Girls GetAways

  • Sorority Outing

  • Couples GetAway

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Birthday, Anniversary, Divorce