Guest Host Marvin Harris

“Love, Sex and The (Ships) they Ride in on…”

Guest Host Marvin Harris2022-04-21T13:48:00-05:00

As a Chicago based consultant/psychotherapist, I have worked 20 + years in communities serving youth, adults, couples and families by way of private practice as well as consulting with nursing homes, social service agencies, residential facilities, schools and hospitals. I have experience treating clients who come from different backgrounds and I am at my best serving a diverse community with diverse needs. In addition, I facilitate organizational change using similar techniques that foster cultural transformation and growth.

I specialize in providing an environment of non judgement and unconditional positive regard that encourages one to be accountable as well as able to identifying thinking errors/patterns that interfere with reaching personal and professional goals.

My practice is based in family, community ethics and individual responsibility for behavior. I am also sensitive to the need for healing, using empathy and other emotionally based techniques to strengthen people to contribute to society as well as live productive and affluent lifestyles.



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