Guest Host Ron Wilson

Guest Host Ron Wilson2024-05-07T08:59:58-05:00

Having worked in Finance for over 17 years as well as successfully investing for friends and family Ron has now ventured into the Crypto Currency world. With years of knowledge of Crypto after being introduced to Bitcoin in 2016 Ron now works full time in the space working with the two other creators of #RUNBTC🤑 to provide content as well as educating members about crypto currencies ever changing Blockchain technology. The purpose of the group is to create a space for people of color to learn what we consider to be the next life changing technology. Weather you have been in the space for years or have just been introduced to the crypto there is something there for every level of knowledge. Also being in a group of people who all are motivated to learn makes it easier for new members to feel comfortable asking questions. That knowledge should then be able to be passed on to generations to come. Join on the ride to financial freedom.


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